Tory Trains Part 2 (What do Chinook Helicopters have to do with Strikes and Privatised rail?)

A Glimpse of a Highly Possible Future

If the cost of train travel continues to rise and staff are steadily cut due to Southern rail greed, and evening travel becomes less safe and practical for disabled and other vulnerable people, the natural progression will be less people travelling off-peak. This will cause the service to be cut as it was historically for the buses because the decline of passengers is seen as unprofitable. With the buses due to the fact “bean counters” were making the decisions (as it will be with the trains) it was not considered that cutting service “A” would cause a passenger not to bother using service “B” either. The passengers will not do what the “bean counters” want because it is no longer practical for them if one of their routes has been removed (possibly a connection).

It was demonstrated with the UK bus service that the “bean counters” have a lack of empathy with the passengers (their customers whom they are supposed to be providing a service) and do not predict such knock on effects very well, and just continue to cut services. For many bus services outside of London it was like one of those comical scenes where a man is trying to get the legs of a chair the same size by inaccurately cutting, never getting it right and eventually ending up with an unusable chair.

The long term affects will be a rail service cut as much as the bus service except for a 10 mile radius of London. Unfortunately most people have to come from other parts of the country, and the congestion charge will not prevent the dependence of the roads for travel in the not so distant future (could be as early as 2035). Once the roads become grid-locked due to the capacity of cars, and the trains run mainly for peak journeys, law enforcement will become very ineffective, even the judicial service will have to improvise ways of getting the jury and rest of congregation to court, although helicopter air lift may be a bit “far fetched”.

Back to the Then and Now

Last time I blogged about the progress of privatised rail I tried to lighten the blog by turning the whole argument into a board game. Despite my light delivery method my use of the title “Tory Trains” brought about criticism from a moronic Neo-Nazi UKIP supporter. He stated it was stupid to use the term “Tory Trains” because other political parties would be the same. Well that is where he demonstrated his lack of intelligence because privatisation of public transport began in 1988 during Margaret Thatcher’s reign. You could not get more Tory than that.

Update on the Situation

Since my last train related blog post, Govia the Southern private rail franchise hated equally by many of their staff and customers, have begun what could be the first stages of staff-less carriages. They are replacing accomplished guards with less skilled/experienced “on-board supervisors”. My initial observations were disabled people receiving less assistance in getting onto a train at Clapham Junction and a broken lavatory on a train first noticed in the morning which continued to be so in the evening.

It is examples such as this which has contributed to concerned unions and conscientious staff members striking.

It is not a surprise that the strikes are necessary when the bad direction of where Govia in league with the Tories are taking the train service if they are not prevented.

6 days ago (see source at ) there was an example of neglect of disabled being caused by the present Southern Rail regime. A driver had no other crew on their train and the platform staff were long ago rationalised (which is Govia’ s ultimate goal to maximise shareholders dividends, or perhaps no driver too) and a disabled woman whom had booked on board assistance 48 hours in advance. She had arrived at a station but only managed to alight by repeatedly pressing the door button to get the driver to leave his carriage (which is normally against health and safety/security policy). Due to the fact the driver had to continue his journey this meant there was no one to wait with her for the taxi on a quiet station where she could have been mugged because (my observation) CCTV does not prevent spontaneous crime , it only records it. The taxi was a long time arriving and all Govia could do was blame the taxi company. There are other examples of this flippant attitude of Govia towards disabled people. The best thing vulnerable people can do is vote labour just to get the trains back in government hands again. Staff-less trains is crazy with the risk of terrorism anyway.


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