Questionable Behaviour by Police on Tuesday 01 March 2016

This evening a friend of mine witnessed around 18:26:00 at Kings Cross and St Pancreas London Underground Station an incident between an ic1 and ic3 male. A policeman rushed to the scene and made the assumption (possibly racist) that the ic3 male was responsible. Unfortunately my friend had missed the actual incident but his exceptional perception evaluated that the crowd whom had been witnessing knew the ic3 male was innocent, and the smart business attire by the ic3 male made it obvious that he was not the type to start trouble. Unfortunately the fact he was so unused to trouble he was not streetwise enough to know even though it is not illegal to raise his voice to a policeman it is very unadvised because it gives them the excuse to “fit you up” with anything.


My friend tried to calm the ic3 male (which is not interfering with police activity in any way whatsoever because it is reducing disorderly behavior). Unfortunately the ic3 male did not realise his true predicament and did not calm down. The situation escalated and approximately six policemen and one police woman swooped to the situation all of ic1 male appearance. It has to be remembered that it appeared that no attempt to apprehend the ic1 male whom also was involved in the incident was taking place.

The observing friend of mine went down an escalator but was compelled to go back up the one next to it and observe because he was so disturbed by the incident which reminded him of injustices within his own past. His legs were shaking but he still continued to observe considering taking some video but deciding not to due to the fact he could not do so without the already unlawfully acting police arresting him. As a police man began pursuit of my friend down the escalator again he used stealth tactics to evade. It has to be noted despite running a legal IT consultancy due to a corrupt councilor in the Bognor Regis area, whom may have incriminating photographs or a masonic power over another official or highly ranked policeman the mentioned friend is already under illegal surveillance. Although my friend is grateful for such extra protection because CCTV is inadequate to prevent crime. If the police can observe him and he is doing nothing illegal he more than has a right to observe them. My friend said to me the famous candid camera phrase.

“Watching Us Watching You”

Then my friend decided he would like to review the situation and I agreed. He said there was in addition to possible racist assumptions, evaluating their ages, there was not one properly experienced officer amongst them able to use their discretion, or common sense especially because there is always the risk of race riots. The lack of experienced officers can only be attributed to government cut-backs because more mature officers have higher rates of pay.



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