Driver Only Trains Cause & Affect

Wild West on the Rails, Child Safety & Share Price Concerns

This blog post has information useful for all, I decided to be impartial this time round. I suggest you read this whatever your stance on driver only trains is. Share-holders (your shares prices will go South shortly after driver-only trains) because the decision will affect you. Take this advice on board because it is being revealed by someone who really knows how the “world ticks”.

I suggest Anonymous read this too because their is an opportunity to improve their kudos/status. Your opportunity is discussed near the bottom of this blog. For financially motivated people there is business opportunities for electricity based self defence devices presently not covered by legal legislation. There is a draft design for academic/theoretical purposes at the very bottom of this blog. There is even a theoretical price and target market for such a device.

It is old news that the UK private rail companies plan to have driver only trains. The train staff have striked repeatedly to try and prevent this from happening. South-Western trains have managed to “encourage” their drivers not to strike with pay rises but that does not mean the idea is good. South-Western trains management partially know this anyway which is why they are going to reduce their first-class to 6 seats behind the driver. Southern (Go-Ahead Group owned) have not managed to “encourage” their staff in the same way, and nor have they decided to rationalise their first class like the other train company mentioned either.

I am sure the reader is still not impressed yet but if they read on they will be enlightened about what will happen with “driver only trains”. I say what will happen because there is no doubt it will happen. Here is a list of the results.

1.Trains will be unsafe for children because there will be circumstances where they will be blocked or not able to reach the emergency cord if a sex offender or school bully decides to molest them. A staff member on the train would have deterred such activity or been able to be asked for help. Financially motivated people keep reading to find out more about the business opportunities for defence devices which will be marketable, there is many a legal loophole regarding sale of taser-like devices. Unfortunately ticket dodgers are likely to purchase them for use on inspectors too though. Not my responsibility the private rail companies started this.

2.All passengers will have to tolerate loud music, graffiti and all other minor anti-social behavior whilst travelling. I have already observed the so called “Passenger Assistance” replacements not dealing so well with this as well as experienced train guards.

3.Emergency cord will become a focal point of problems. It will be used unnecessarily by any solitary traveler feeling a bit nervous of a group of people. It will also be used by pranksters and ticket dodgers. I have already heard naive loud-speaker announcements of the “selfish and irresponsible people” who pulled the cord to get off at an unscheduled stop, and will be tracked down and prosecuted. That is a laugh if they did that they probably were wearing hoodies so CCTV was useless, or future people will be.

4.First Class will be unsafe in the evening because it is the quietest part of the train, and other people will not be looking that way because they will be more interested in seeing how many likes they had on their latest selfie. The selfishness and divides that successive governments have bred will mean that non first class passengers may not care about someone being mugged in first class anyway. It may not always be safe for the train driver (they may not even notice if a shopping trolley full of bricks is on the rail at the same time) to come to their aid either. Very impractical to enforce in the peak times, it will be the favourite place for people to sit with standard class tickets when the train is over-crowded. First class ticket sales will fall because barriers do not care where someone is sitting, and if a ticket inspector is imminent there is always the soon to be unguarded emergency cord to get off quick, delaying the train.

5.Increase in trains being delayed or cancelled due to trouble on the train not being identified soon enough before it escalates.

6.Progressively becoming more dangerous to travel on the train later in the evening, especially due to the secondary factor of long term increased ticket price rises and less people on the train.

7.Train services cut where there is too many problems related to passenger disruption or too few travelling due to increased danger and ticket prices.

8.Government will be forced to increasingly accept that someone due for jury service was late to arrive due to train problems caused by driver only policy. If it is completely impractical for a person to attend by public transport the government will have to increasingly pay for a taxi or allow exemption.

9.The government will cease to pay private rail companies in advance if the service becomes an embarrassment to them.

10.Shares in private rail companies will progressively fall until just like the banks the government is forced to bail them out due to ticket revenue falling to a point that it can no longer sustain the cost of running the trains and a profit warning for share holders.

Opportunity for Anonymous

Anonymous is a movement that sees the establishment progressively make more stupid ideas so I think it will like my concept. Once the day is known that driver-only trains begins, your leaders can work out something within the rights of protest, outlined in the following link. Ideally you want to do something which affects the trains all day or perhaps just First Class. I am quite certain you will be exempt from penalty fares if you are assembled within the rights to protest.

Business Opportunity, Defence Device outside present legal legislation

At the following url ( the definition of a Taser is a gun shaped device which delivers an electrical charge able to immobilise someone. The law states this device is illegal but if there is going to be driver only trains parents need their children whom cannot reach the emergency cord easily to be safe. In order to be able to provide this safety without breaking the law a simple device which fits on the outer layer of the inner palm of a rubber insulated glove (in no way gun shaped and concealed) and is powered by a 9 vault battery charge. This would give a “nasty bite/sting” to someone but not immobilise them and so not breach any legal legislation whilst providing a deterrent to any attacker. A good price for such a device is about £25, especially because the components are cheap to obtain. Due to social conditioning the masses will pay that for increased “peace of mind” no problem and you can commend yourself too because you are doing a public service protecting children when the train companies put them in danger.


Tory Trains Part 2 (What do Chinook Helicopters have to do with Strikes and Privatised rail?)

A Glimpse of a Highly Possible Future

If the cost of train travel continues to rise and staff are steadily cut due to Southern rail greed, and evening travel becomes less safe and practical for disabled and other vulnerable people, the natural progression will be less people travelling off-peak. This will cause the service to be cut as it was historically for the buses because the decline of passengers is seen as unprofitable. With the buses due to the fact “bean counters” were making the decisions (as it will be with the trains) it was not considered that cutting service “A” would cause a passenger not to bother using service “B” either. The passengers will not do what the “bean counters” want because it is no longer practical for them if one of their routes has been removed (possibly a connection).

It was demonstrated with the UK bus service that the “bean counters” have a lack of empathy with the passengers (their customers whom they are supposed to be providing a service) and do not predict such knock on effects very well, and just continue to cut services. For many bus services outside of London it was like one of those comical scenes where a man is trying to get the legs of a chair the same size by inaccurately cutting, never getting it right and eventually ending up with an unusable chair.

The long term affects will be a rail service cut as much as the bus service except for a 10 mile radius of London. Unfortunately most people have to come from other parts of the country, and the congestion charge will not prevent the dependence of the roads for travel in the not so distant future (could be as early as 2035). Once the roads become grid-locked due to the capacity of cars, and the trains run mainly for peak journeys, law enforcement will become very ineffective, even the judicial service will have to improvise ways of getting the jury and rest of congregation to court, although helicopter air lift may be a bit “far fetched”.

Back to the Then and Now

Last time I blogged about the progress of privatised rail I tried to lighten the blog by turning the whole argument into a board game. Despite my light delivery method my use of the title “Tory Trains” brought about criticism from a moronic Neo-Nazi UKIP supporter. He stated it was stupid to use the term “Tory Trains” because other political parties would be the same. Well that is where he demonstrated his lack of intelligence because privatisation of public transport began in 1988 during Margaret Thatcher’s reign. You could not get more Tory than that.

Update on the Situation

Since my last train related blog post, Govia the Southern private rail franchise hated equally by many of their staff and customers, have begun what could be the first stages of staff-less carriages. They are replacing accomplished guards with less skilled/experienced “on-board supervisors”. My initial observations were disabled people receiving less assistance in getting onto a train at Clapham Junction and a broken lavatory on a train first noticed in the morning which continued to be so in the evening.

It is examples such as this which has contributed to concerned unions and conscientious staff members striking.

It is not a surprise that the strikes are necessary when the bad direction of where Govia in league with the Tories are taking the train service if they are not prevented.

6 days ago (see source at ) there was an example of neglect of disabled being caused by the present Southern Rail regime. A driver had no other crew on their train and the platform staff were long ago rationalised (which is Govia’ s ultimate goal to maximise shareholders dividends, or perhaps no driver too) and a disabled woman whom had booked on board assistance 48 hours in advance. She had arrived at a station but only managed to alight by repeatedly pressing the door button to get the driver to leave his carriage (which is normally against health and safety/security policy). Due to the fact the driver had to continue his journey this meant there was no one to wait with her for the taxi on a quiet station where she could have been mugged because (my observation) CCTV does not prevent spontaneous crime , it only records it. The taxi was a long time arriving and all Govia could do was blame the taxi company. There are other examples of this flippant attitude of Govia towards disabled people. The best thing vulnerable people can do is vote labour just to get the trains back in government hands again. Staff-less trains is crazy with the risk of terrorism anyway.

Questionable Behaviour by Police on Tuesday 01 March 2016

This evening a friend of mine witnessed around 18:26:00 at Kings Cross and St Pancreas London Underground Station an incident between an ic1 and ic3 male. A policeman rushed to the scene and made the assumption (possibly racist) that the ic3 male was responsible. Unfortunately my friend had missed the actual incident but his exceptional perception evaluated that the crowd whom had been witnessing knew the ic3 male was innocent, and the smart business attire by the ic3 male made it obvious that he was not the type to start trouble. Unfortunately the fact he was so unused to trouble he was not streetwise enough to know even though it is not illegal to raise his voice to a policeman it is very unadvised because it gives them the excuse to “fit you up” with anything.


My friend tried to calm the ic3 male (which is not interfering with police activity in any way whatsoever because it is reducing disorderly behavior). Unfortunately the ic3 male did not realise his true predicament and did not calm down. The situation escalated and approximately six policemen and one police woman swooped to the situation all of ic1 male appearance. It has to be remembered that it appeared that no attempt to apprehend the ic1 male whom also was involved in the incident was taking place.

The observing friend of mine went down an escalator but was compelled to go back up the one next to it and observe because he was so disturbed by the incident which reminded him of injustices within his own past. His legs were shaking but he still continued to observe considering taking some video but deciding not to due to the fact he could not do so without the already unlawfully acting police arresting him. As a police man began pursuit of my friend down the escalator again he used stealth tactics to evade. It has to be noted despite running a legal IT consultancy due to a corrupt councilor in the Bognor Regis area, whom may have incriminating photographs or a masonic power over another official or highly ranked policeman the mentioned friend is already under illegal surveillance. Although my friend is grateful for such extra protection because CCTV is inadequate to prevent crime. If the police can observe him and he is doing nothing illegal he more than has a right to observe them. My friend said to me the famous candid camera phrase.

“Watching Us Watching You”

Then my friend decided he would like to review the situation and I agreed. He said there was in addition to possible racist assumptions, evaluating their ages, there was not one properly experienced officer amongst them able to use their discretion, or common sense especially because there is always the risk of race riots. The lack of experienced officers can only be attributed to government cut-backs because more mature officers have higher rates of pay.


World Status – Orange Alert

Before the main blog below is a cut out dice to make for cheering you up during the time you are stuck on delayed privatised trains. The triangular bits are flaps to fold and glue.

Now its time to introduce to you the reality of Thatcher’ s dream, with as little politics as possible just good old fashioned philosophy and present analysis of the world from the point of view from someone who is typing in the UK this very moment.

The system is presently about to fail at present but the whole thing relied on short termism and something based on that model is designed well to be short term. I would like to demonstrate some examples:

1. Train Privatisation
Everyone was living the dream, happily commuting to work until the ticket prices rose too high and the quality of service on economically critical routes fell to a point where some London commuters find it increasingly more difficult to get to work.

Those already paying high train fayres, with a dreadful service have just been the extra insult at major London stations of paying fifty pence in order to use the lavatory

You cannot even “spend a penny” at a station,
whilst your waiting for your delayed train
without being ripped off now!

Last week a conversation was witnessed where a commuter had been given a last warning due to continued late arrival (if the train arrives at all) to London Bridge. The lies sold to the people by the mindset of David Cameron were that share holder investment would provide a better service and in contrary the rail network has become worse than ever when it was government owned.

Overcrowded train at a major London
commuter station.

David Cameron is often making negative quotes about people who are are benefits and the unemployed but the private company ethos the Tories have cultivated are causing people to be out of work en-mass. They are not content with simply using extreme rationalisation tactics to remove people’s jobs with automation or making a person perform the work of four, and progressively putting more people on zero hour contracts they are now causing people to lose their jobs due to the highly inefficient and costly privatised rail system.

2. Family investments
Your banking financial Information is potentially not safe!
This company rejected one of the most gifted programmers in the UK because they ridiculed him on the fact he had taken his Blackberry phone apart to remove the battery during an interview when it would not switch off. Meanwhile the same team that had rejected him had developed a system which was so security flawed that it enabled fake children to be added to its database and a direct debit to be able to be set up which deducted money from an account of a hackers choice via the Internet. Should the company wish to attempt legal action, Santander (formerly Abbey National) bank/building society were witness to the indemnity and refund of the person who was affected, ironically the same person who was rejected for interview. This post is not about bitterness because due to ill health the developer would be unable to work a nine to five job in recent time in any case. It is to warn those of you who have financial details on record at Family Investments, but it also demonstrates the ignorance which this present system is breeding, because the true intellectuals were always a little unorthodox but the kind of person who would have identified the security flaw mentioned.

3.Does a Nation of parents want human rights policies to be eroded & new whistle blower suppression laws
by a party that was in power at the height of child abuse and murder by politicians?

It was during the height of Margaret Thatchers’ s reign the dreadful sadistic sexual activities towards children by politicians was rife. No wonder Jimmy Saville was having tea with Lady Thatcher when the odds are he had so much blackmail material regarding the Conservative Cabinet. The laws that David Cameron is edging towards would make it easier to conceal such activities because it could be used to “silence” whistle blowers about such horrendous activity, the Tories have already demonstrated in the past they cannot be trusted. Even if you are a member of aristocracy reading this, your kids will not be safe either, you need only ask the now retired judge who is highly likely to have had his eight year old child murdered by the paedophile ring operating from Dolphin Square Apartments.

This blog post revealed the system will defeat itself for the following reasons:-

1. The Working Dream is generally failing now because
a. The Privatised rail system is a threatening the ability for workers to commute.
b. Ignorant but more attractive people are now often involved within the recruitment process. This has resulted in the Family Investments scenario where bank and financial information held on computer systems are more likely to be at risk from theft by hackers.

See an example blog by a person who is trying to live the working dream but is being oppressed by the system

Last Comments

One thing for certain if this greedy selfish non sustainable system is not overturned in the near future before it is too late, the UK and many parts of the world will be at red alert.

I leave you with the latest music video of the anti David Cameron song which became semi-famous before the elections, and YouTube removed at one point but press interest made it return. Just click on the image below to view the music video: